The Nut House Declares “State of Continued Emergency” over Questioning Dem Vote Fraud!

September 8, 2022
Updated October 24, 2022

What first appeared as a prank from a conservative Instagram account was quickly verified to be an actual announcement from the Nut House (formerly known as White House) official website.

For those that might reasonably remain skeptical, here’s the official link!

Obviously this will be the pretext for some serious schemes of rigging 2024 to be done with the full support of the Democrat infested Department of “Just Us” and all other corrupted agencies marching on orders from the Deep State.

Apparently it’s a big problem for the criminals that exposure to their crime might lead to some questions.
Kari Lake straightens out lying “journalist” participating in the chicken little politics of “questioning elections’

Meanwhile most of us remember just how “well” Democrats do their own version of “accepting results.”

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#LiarsOfTheLeft can be #ElectionDeniers with impunity… even in ADVANCE of an election that, according to #Hildabeast they’re expected to LOSE.

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