The Democrat’s Version of “Accepting Results”

April 24, 2019
Updated November 10, 2020
ODP Staff

Way back when the election was still as good as rigged to Hillary’s favor, she and her accomplices in the party apparatus media prepared all good Americans that they would be defamed as “a threat to democracy” for any failure in “accepting results.”

Since the spectacular miracle of Hillary’s epic defeat, they’ve done a rather poor job of demonstrating any genuine concern for what apparently was another case of laying down a rule that was only designed as salt to rub into the wounds of a defeated America.

Of course by now, most Americans realize that all rules and laws are only to be imposed on opposition and never heeded, followed or even discussed once the prove inconvenient to their “by any means necessary,” modus operandi.

So-called “Democrat strategist” Scott Dworkin reflects on his two year online tantrum accompanied with high praise for Mueller’s big “investigation,” with an impotent bleat about his deep sadness.

Obviously it should come as no surprise that the same Democrat disregard for accepting results now applies to the conclusions of the drawn out Mueller Investigation. And of course, after a very brief period of reflection, the usual mass media accomplices resume with their usual antics.

Anyway all that desperation only amounts to some real good news on the horizon. Trump means business when he says we will “take steps to ensure this never happens to an American President again,” and now that their Nothing Burger has been served, it’s our turn to get to the bottom of the worst scandal since well before Watergate, if not all of American history.

Democrats are only all the more emotional and unhinged, so I suppose it is no surprised how deeply they reject their own witch’s stated concerns about being a “threat to our Democracy.” And I suppose we’d be optimistic to think they might offer some credibility to their own Occupy Democrats advice on the subject.

Once we finally all accept as a nation that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, it begins to make a certain amount of sense.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

Accepting Results was so important until immediately after America won the Election!
…and finally! Hillary promotes the importance of “not conceding under ANY circumstances” on live television shortly before everyone’s acting all surprised that the President is exercising his full legal Constitutional rights and obligations to get to the bottom of apparent and systemic Dem Vote Fraud.
And obviously Gore was so eager to concede his lost election he waited to give it as an early Christmas present on December 21.
Meanwhile at the Nut House formerly known as “White House. ” Oh, and this is NOT satire. Here’s the official link!

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