Gender Theory and the Weaponization of Lunacy

May 6, 2023
Updated May 28, 2023

Just as so-called CRT (Critical Race Theory) that has africanized a hive of increasingly dangerous genocidal zealots that believe their utopia is just a matter of killing the right number of “cracker babies…”

…what once seemed to most, a funny joke of “Gender Theory,” has proven to be something equally if not more sinister.

While the advocates of normalized perversion were desperately chasing after a “gay gene” in human DNA, a pervasive “born this way” narrative dominated the school curriculum with a boost from the pop culture driven by all corners of controlled media.

The “born this way” narrative to rationalize and promote every perversion has been discarded in favor of a new narrative of “born in the wrong body.”

Less than a decade has passed and now the whole “born this way” story is but a nostalgic memory of a seemingly harmless prank played on college kids by a handful of snickering Marxist professors to promote a destructive lifestyle.

Clearly the rules have changed

Many whom accepted the rather obvious promotion of “gay” working through our schools from college down to Kindergarten as lessons in “tolerance,” would unwittingly become accomplices in a dark scheme that few, a handful of years ago, could even have imagined possible.

As a “Gender Theory” curriculum degraded from so-called “Womens Studies” to “Gender Studies,” what at first seemed just a bad joke at college kids expense has delivered us to a hell of overt pedophilia under the guise of “celebrating trans kids,” and a nationwide program of spay and neuter of children passed off as “gender affirming treatment” by quacks so vile, that even the likes of Josef Mengele might have denounced as too extreme.

And now we know the vile plot rolled out by the Obamas wasn’t “just about the bathrooms.”

What once seemed to many as a doctrine ranging between harmless fun and tolerance to a “Rainbow” recruitment effort has proven to be far more insidious and expansive than any had realized. Some knew that the overall LGBT was always adding letters, and that the underbelly of the movement was rooted in pedophilia, but too many were rendered mute in expressing any concerns out of fear of being fraudulently misdiagnosed with an invented condition of “homophobia.”

Based on the numbers, there’s a clear uptick, which strongly suggests LGBT recruitment efforts have been successful.

And now we know that the WEF and accomplices have weaponized “gender theory” as a tool to spay and neuter the world’s children with wildly dangerous hormone treatments followed up with surgical mutilation to replace a child’s sex organs with dangling meat to approximate a penis, or the severing testicle and penis to make room for an “inversion” to leave them with an alternate hole to entertain gay men.

Legalizing kid’s 1st abortion less parental consent at 12 was but a test to give these same vulnerable children an ability to participate in medical experiments inclusive of off label use of hormones and drugs complete mutilation of their sex organs and even life altering “vaccines” that aren’t even FDA approved for use by adults

Past protections of parental consent that are still required for anything from tattoos to marriage for children 17 and under have given way to threats to kidnap children by the CPS for obstructing a school counselor’s scheme to submit a child dangerous off label use of drugs and hormones to permanently destroy their lives under the guise of “delaying puberty.” And of course this now extends to full surgical mutilation as the next step of State controlled and run “affirming treatment.”

Identifying as a bit of a “Tom Boy” was never so dangerous as it is today

As grotesque as many found the culture of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) brought to public consciousness by an irresponsible mass importation of a backward cult, this horrible child abuse of young girls compares as pierced ears to an arrow through the ears when measuring that barbarism to what WEF Global Cabal and their Democrat accomplices are doing to the world’s children today.

Permitting mutilation of children can’t be passed off as “tolerance.”

And so now a crime arguably worse than any other molestation or even rape of a child, complete and total mutilation, is performed openly, promoted in schools and by all major media, less any legitimate consent, and often in spite of opposition by one or even both parents.

The only “argument” for this “affirming care,” invokes the fear of suicide of the child. In spite of exactly zero evidence that the permanent destruction of these children’s bodies somehow heals a struggling brain, the world’s most extreme mass murder of children’s souls continues unabated. And sometimes the body is literally murdered in the process.

In addition to whatever ceremony over the WEF and Democrat accomplices utter destruction and murder of children, and the population control bonus achieved by what amounts to a mass spay and neuter program, these same sinister players have enrolled another “oppressed” minority into their proxy army to deploy in a culture war that might make Mao’s horrible “Cultural Revolution” appear as a comparatively wholesome business.

They already have their Antifa which was created by crashing the potential inheritance with the engineered crash brought on by Nancy Pelosi at the end of the last Bush Presidency. A generation of basement dwellers now had “nothing to protect” in the way of a sound and stable financial future and were easy prey for the Marxism they were spoon fed in college and or grade school.

Obama activated the army of BLM with Holder’s first “discussion of race” that, almost instantly converted a mostly normal population of “blacks” into radical and genocidal Marxists bent on destroying what was previously accepted as “American privilege” now rebranded as “white privilege.” So effective was this hateful screed, that a full 50% of American “blacks” now believe it “not OK to be white.”

The Democrat party had long been partnered with MS13 and other nefarious street gangs to perform whatever evil couldn’t be directly performed by their army of “sustainability”bureaucrats of permanent Washington, and their gang was apparently hired by Wasserman-Schultz to carry out the recent Seth Rich assassination in response to what he delivered to Assange.

Today they’ve added another division to their army of Street Democrats. And what could be more effective a weapon than hormone treated, drugged, and inherently suicidal lunatics that will become wildly violent at the drop of a “wrong” pronoun.

No division of the proxy army of Street Democrats is better protected for wild violence and even open claims of responsibility and calls for more mass shootings

As the great Scott Adams (formerly of Dilbert fame prior to his cancellation) stated correctly of the other division of the army of Street Democrats, there’s “no fixing this.”

Pyschotropic meds are the primary ingredient in EVERY mass shooting, so the WEF cabal couldn’t have picked a better segment of the population to weaponize.

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