From Vaccine Proponent to Fully “Anti-Vax”

March 1, 2023

I had originally bought into the notion that vaccines, at least if correctly formulated and tested could net some benefits in disease prevention. I even asked for whatever recommended vaccines from my doctor prior to a first international trip, and, on one occasion decided to accept a flu shot to avoid the inconvenience of catching just one annual bout of a routine winter bug.

Of course, as a kid born in the 60’s, I never had any reason to doubt modern medicine as a miracle of science. And I never questioned any chance to avoid some bad bug with whatever of very few shots that were recommended.

My mother was an RN before abandoning that life to raise a family, which was another concept since lost to modern practices. At one time she took me to get my measles shots, and this was before the MMR combination shots that were proven significantly less effective and for some, more dangerous to health.

At this time my pediatrician recommended against the shot for me because my sister had eczema, and the doctor correctly identified shedding from the live virus shots to be a potential risk to her. No big shock when I later did contract a case of measles which came and went, and have since enjoyed what most in medicine believe to a a lifelong immunity.

This business was so routine at the time, it was the central subject of an episode of a popular TV series. The Brady Bunch, offered a light hearted look at life in the 70’s of a divorced mom and divorced dad joining forces to parent three daughters of the mother and three sons of the father. And in this episode the whole family caught measles, and the episode concluded with a minor celebration that they checked what amounted to a “rite of passage” off of a list of routine and expected experiences in modern American life.

In the background, and well outside of my own consciousness, something changed in the 80’s with the establishment of a separate “vaccine court” that removed all real liability from any vaccine makers from the American justice system. And the makers of vaccines enjoyed a new freedom to expand their operation and what used to be a handful of shots from cradle through Middle School, exploded into more than trebling of the recommended shots, that became a soft requirement to attend schools.

I remained blissfully unaware of an emerging medical fascism that became increasingly pushy, until I had my own children. At that time, vaccines were a product offered with friendly guidance from a doctor that still, basically worked for the patient who retained dignity as a sovereign being, and basically “the boss” of their own health.

When presented choices for a “wellness” visit for my own, I found myself more interested in becoming aware of which shots might be beneficial, and which might not be worth whatever risks. For my own, I nodded OK to the MMR shots, and others, but held my ground against the Hep B shot, which, based on my logic, was protecting against a disease that could only be delivered to a child in a 3rd world day care, where horribly unclean and diseased children of drug addicts might be left to gnaw and slobber on one another in the dirtiest hole of a child care facility.

As I had my second I began to examine the pros and cons to weigh risk vs. reward more closely on what seemed to be an awfully large volume of shots being pushed, and now, much more aggressively.

I had heard of a brother going to a pediatrician and turning down one or more of the “recommended” shots and learned that the doctor was making hostile remarks about how abstaining “wouldn’t be fair to the other kids?”

Now this piqued my curiosity. If the vaccines were, as advertised, to protect children from infections from others how would the unvaccinated child, who, based on the marketing pitch on the shots be the one left “vulnerable,” somehow be a threat to the “safely” vaccinated kids?

More intense research was followed by debating online with scientists and doctors that were pushing the shots and making attacks against a handful of doctors that were pushing back on a new medical fascism coming down from one Doctor Dick Pan, a low rate Kaiser doctor turned State Senator.

Still living under medical choice and honored parental rights, I utilized a personal exemption as a basis of skipping a round of extra boosters looming as a “requirement” for continued attendance at the only school my children ever knew and one that they loved. I still recall a snot nosed nurse quack ranting directly at me about how there shouldn’t be such an exemption, but fortunately my kids pediatrician was more balanced in her approach. Her big sale was, that, whereas she did recognize the risks of the shots, per her assessment my kids tolerated well the earlier shots, and therefore they’d likely not have any problems with the additional shots.

Ultimately my skepticism prevailed and some needless bonus shots were avoided. But then, the vile creep and pervert of Sacramento managed to reward his big pharma sponsors with a bill to close the gap on personal and religious exemptions. And in a State where legislatures passed ridiculous bills to prevent expulsion and even suspension from school for wild misconduct, because a certain category of fatherless brats were overrepresented in outrageously disruptive behavior made consequences “racist,” now the best behaved honor roll students faced complete expulsion for a failure to submit to medical rape of an absurd number and variety of new, inadequately tested, and ineffective vaccines now pushed down from the very CDC that was proven to be criminally corrupt.

I still feel deeply ashamed for making stepping down from my role as parent to a servant of quack bureaucrats that have since gained even more power, including the ability to overrule even medical exemptions from a child’s pediatrician.

Of course to pull off this coup a scary story would need to hypnotize the masses. It just so happened that I visited Disneyland after the hoards of so-called “unaccompanied minors” were trafficked in by the Obama administration (for a combination of nefarious purposes,) and was literally concerned that the so-called “Happiest Place On Earth” might be a breeding ground for various childhood diseases being allowed in via open borders.

A few days later I returned home to Northern California, and, surprise, surprise! A big “measles outbreak” was reported to have happened a that very Disneyland I’d just visited. Of course this was part, as I suspected then and later cam to confirm, of a psyop to sell what would have been an unthinkable proposition of literally kicking kids out of school for refusing any of the expanded list of CDC “recommended” vaccines.

Every “news” channel, and late night “comedy” program was dedicated to a campaign of defamation of “anti-vaxxers” blamed fully for the handful of cases connected to a day at Disney.

And now a State that was once guided by hippies that were, if anything, hyper-sensitive about what they take in their bodies were now converted to fascistic shot nazis marching in lock step with the most evil and corrupt of pharmaceutical monopolies.

Of course they already got a head start on the vilification of any doctors that dared speak against the quality, safety or efficacy of any of the shots now being pushed, and even Republican governors in other States pushed mandates for one of the least safe and least effective shots on the market, HPV jabs.

Countless girls were irreversibly harmed and meanwhile the same goons pressed on to recommend the same shot for boys.

Taking a moment to revisit the happy and innocent days of old, I still remember from childhood when the movie “Love Story” had audiences crying over the loss of a man’s cherished woman who was dying of cancer. During this time, cancer was, for most Americans something of an abstraction, since very few actually knew of anyone that had it, much less to die from it. And if you did know of someone with it, it must be a smoker and lung cancer.

Today, few of us don’t know several friends and colleagues that have lost battles with cancer. And where I grew up on peanut butter and jelly for lunch in and never even heard of a kid in any class at my school with something so odd as a peanut allergy, now it’s so commonplace, that students are required to leave their lunch bags in backpacks outside of the classroom since virtually every single one has a kid that’ll become sick just from the smell of peanut butter.

Now, of course we all know the “correlation” is not “causation” rule that’s since become a cliche. But shouldn’t we have been looking at the uptick in all these new childhood issues including ADHD and autism that so neatly correlated to the increase in number and variety of shots administered to the same population?

Well, there’s a good reason most doctors and scientists were and are reluctant to explore these correlations to see if the causation can be established.

Apart from the good deed, there’s nothing to gain and everything to lose whenever any medical doctor tugs at the fabric of established authority of single understanding medicine that’s directed by, and ultimately controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Now obviously all the harm done by conventional vaccines via wildly neurotoxic adjuvants, and dangerous DNA, organics contaminants and worse would pale in comparison to the larger plan to make a more deadly “flu shot,” followed up with the release of a weaponized flu to address the concern Fauci spoke of out loud. “People aren’t afraid enough of the flu.”

Now in a day when people can order DNA modification kits to make their pets glow in the dark, or even experiment on themselves, we had a new technology to destroy more than just our immune systems. mRNA tech was developed before they developed the virus to make it an urgent requirement. And they made it all so important, that for the first time in history, a shot that couldn’t ever even obtain a full FDA approval became a condition of continued college, continued school and continued work.

And when the most dangerous shot to ever be fraudulently branded as “vaccine” was proven to be “not a vaccine” at all, the messenger’s account was punished with termination while the criminally corrupt CDC got busy literally redefining “vaccine.”

Now we know that the efficacy was not 97% but a negative number. We now know that the shoddy shots neither prevented the contraction nor spread of any disease, proving the whole “take the shot to save grandma” a lie.

We now have an epidemic of pediatric strokes and heart attacks in healthy, athletic children and young adults never seen in the history of the world. And since none of these shots were ever even FDA approved there’s absolutely zero recourse for those pressured to accept the medical rape we now know does destroy fertility, health without offer of any upside.

Many that were never the slightest bit “anti-vax” were defamed as “anti-vaxxers” for their reluctance to simply take this brand new technology as “just another vaccine” and thus inherently “safe and effective.”

Meanwhile, I’ve adopted the policy to not accept any vaccine until we can find out what’s going on with all the lies concerning the fraudulent COVID “vaccines.” But more recently, the cumulative effects of research and engaging doctors and scientists in debate has provided a clear view that even the conventional vaccines I had once trusted are all firmly in the category of “more harm than good” and now you may feel free, if not encouraged to call me “anti-vax.”

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