Ignorance is Bliss, But Lefties are Still Angry

How TDS has only been exacerbated by the left’s belief that they “won” something by handing the White House to China.

September 21, 2021
Updated March 4, 2023

One would think the online lefties would be enjoying the endorphin rush of having successfully stolen the past “election” for Biden and his CCP accomplices. And yet, all the symptoms of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) rage on. The believe that they “won” something by handing the White House to China not only fails to bring calm to the hyperventilating leftists, but there are clear indications that the horrible effects of TDS and underlying Democrat Personality disorder have only been exacerbated.

Even their own favorite “Vox” believes that a psychiatric intervention may be required to overcome the ongoing and worsening rage.

Until these horrible symptoms subside, leftists remain dangerous neighbors.

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One might otherwise wonder how far into the world burning under Biden we’d have to be before the TDS inflicted begin to reset their sights on what’s happening with the current administration.
Democrats latest desperate measure is to convert BIDEN into what their less gifted believe Trump to be.

Nothing fills a Democrat Woman (and their Ketchup Bottle Cult) with more rage than the possibility of some inconvenience to their next big abortion.
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