Parents Lives Destroyed by Vaccine Malpractice, Then Punished with Censorship

October 8, 2021
Updated October 9, 2021

We can assume that parents are familiar with the routine of taking a healthy child to a “wellness check,” During these visits, doctors routinely encounter children they deem “undervaccinated,” and, without any thought of the risks nor appropriate precautions, prescribe “catch up” vaccination which may involve six or more shots of a small child in one session.

This video previously shared on Youtube appears to be among countless that were deemed inconvenient to the business of Globalist Pricks and thus censored by CIA-Google from their personal YouTube website formerly known as “platform.”

Whereas it’s impossible to measure the long term effects of such a risky intervention, most will likely go on with life without noticing anything that could be blamed on the shots. But not all are so lucky.

An unfortunate few among parents parent will experience the full weight of havoc done upon an otherwise healthy child that wasn’t able to deal with the assault of multiple injections. These will drive home a child only to realize that something is horribly wrong later that evening, and possibly standing by helpless as their happy angel screams in horror throughout the night.

By the morning, they’re now a parent to a shell of their child that cannot even response do their own name after acute and permanent neurological damage from which they’ll not likely ever recover. They continue life only as a ghost of their former selves residing in a now broken body, with deadened eyes behind a familiar face.

As if this nightmare were not an adequate punishment for trusting modern medicine, the very doctors and nurses will more often then not mock and gaslight the victims in the aftermath of their unending devastation, while the general population of programmed drones around them chant “vaccines don’t cause autism,” and “your child wasn’t all that smart before the shots!” Just imagine the lawsuits that could be filed if the “Newtown Parents vs. Alex Jones” standards were applied.

To add mean insult to horrible injury the censors get busy “moderating” their social media accounts to extinguish their voice while CIA-Google gets busy with the removal of any content that includes their testimony conveniently branded as “misinformation.”

It is fortunate we were able to preserve the above video in anticipation of the censorship that is all too common to punish those already suffering an imaginable horror for sharing their stories. Whereas it’s obvious that a financial settlement doesn’t quite make right a life turned upside down, the pharmaceutical information passes all that down to the “vaccine courts” which ultimately mean we’ll pay ourselves with a slush fund that appears to rely heavily on our own tax dollars.

The pharmaceutical industry and poorly trained doctors have a long tradition of gross malpractice with needles. Most of these only roll their eyes at and gaslight the very victims left devastated by their quackery. And it may be helpful to keep that in mind as we face a more widespread crisis of harm done by the system we’ve been trusting as “care givers.”

Presently the subject of vaccines is almost irrelevant, since the product now being mandated and ultimately to be forced even on precious children all the way down to 2 years of age, is technically not “a vaccine” at all. Language like “robust immune response,” is cover for the fact that none of the shots offer immunity. Furthermore it’s already become common knowledge (previously guarded by CDC and accomplices) that these “vaccines” simply do not prevent contraction nor the spread of any variant of COVID.

New language like “breakthroughs” are used to blame “variants” on the increasingly obvious problem of infections and spread among the so-called “vaccinated.”

Alex Berenson, author of an essential “Teach your Children…” book about the dangers of marijuana, had proven that the so-called “COVID Vaccines” were not “vaccines at all. The result was a permanent account suspension on Twitter, while the corrupted CDC got busy redefining “vaccine” so broadly, we could literally count our morning D3 vitamin capsules as “a vaccination.”

As we all face the impacts of a more widespread and obvious harm being done with the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) of “COVID vaccines” it’s important to note, that victims of the most dangerous shot to ever be fraudulent misrepresented as “a vaccine,” will have exactly no recourse against the “vaccine” makers, nor even a chance to be heard in the bogus parallel system of “vaccine court justice,” few even know about. But they’ll sure see their accounts swiftly taken down as was the case with this jab victim.

Viral video removed from Tik Tok based on a UN Nurse’s opinion that his claims were legitimate, his presentation sincere, but that it may discourage others from submitting to their lethal injection.

Of course now the old standard of punishing jab victims is being expanded to blame and punish the “unvaccinated” for making the “vaccinated” sick.

For those closely following the agenda of globalist pricks, it’s really not a surprise that there’s no vaccine mandates at the border. The intentional delivery by bus and plane to the interior of the country serves as the perfect cover for a massive health crisis more likely owed to the injected. Perhaps this is really a plague of the “vaccinated” being blamed on the healthy “unvaccinated.”

Eventually some may come to realize that the majority of the sick and dying are actually the “vaccinated.” By then it will, regrettably, be too late for most.

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