Cardio Nurse Fired for Exposing VAERS Exclusion of Child Heart Injuries

September 18, 2022

When the extremely harsh realities of injuries owed to the most dangerous shots to ever be fraudulently branded as “vaccines,” are cited, the gaslighting about “misinterpreting the data” is swiftly deployed by the shot Nazis and their army of brainwashed shot-happy goons.

In fact the numbers of VAERS are but a tip of an ice berg. And just one aspect of the manipulation to hide much larger numbers is revealed in this heartfelt testimony of a nurse that was promptly made “not a nurse” by the fascists that control the system of medicine.

Note that after firing doctors and nurses for calling out atrocity of mass murder by lethal injections, they can then go on to make fraudulent claims about the “number of doctors and nurses” that support the fake “vaccines.”

Sudden deaths on Google Search results by year

Sudden Deaths by Year correlates neatly to the mass injection program of the fraudulent “vaccines.”

Meanwhile accomplices in lying corporate monopoly media are busy attempting to normalize the brand new epidemic of childhood strokes and heart attacks.

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