Diversity is a Vulnerability, Communists Know it, and That’s Why They Exploit It!

September 15, 2020
Updated July 31, 2021
ODP Staff

Philosophers going back to and before Plato and Aristotle all observed that homogenous societies had a functional advantage over those comprised with very different kinds of people, with different traditions, different perceptions of law, and different habits. Because of America’s strong common values and heritage helped us navigate through every form of adversity inclusive of a civil war, we had enjoyed exceptional success as a “melting pot” society, where “color” and “culture” became secondary to a common decency rooted in the values of what most everyone proudly described as “a free country.”

1969 Edward Griffin warns of the exploitation of America’s diversity by Communists to pit Americans against Americans based on racial differences.

Today we observe a great unraveling, and the diversity that was never a particular “strength,” wasn’t much of a weakness either since Americans basically helped themselves and one another. When Saul Alinsky made his first rounds in Rochester, he was bewildered that the “blacks” he planned to agitate were all pretty content. In his own writings he described that when he first approached them about how they should be outraged with their living conditions, most shrugged and returned a, “well, you can’t complain about what you haven’t paid for.”

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Essential Videos on and OFF Youtube

July 10, 2020
Updated November 3, 2020
ODP Staff

It can be difficult to keep caught up on the news. These are the essential must watch presentations that can clear up any confusion:

Wuhan flu is FROM Wuhan. Here’s why it matters!
Black Pigeon Speaks sums up the cultural tone of the revolution.
The most essential overall summary of the war being waged in COVIDITY and SOROS RIOTS – DELETED BY CIA-GOOGLE YOUTUBE (alternate copy is here!)

This presentation shatters every delusion of the left about pizzagate, pedogate, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Trump’s announcement that came before he came down that escalator that he was coming after the elite for their systemic and evil abuse of children. The above was scrubbed from Youtube but can be viewed below:
Democrat tactics aren’t all that new!

The creator of ShadowGate was just collected by apparent DeepState goons at the very moment she was premiering her documentary. It was debuted without her while she’s being subjected to who knows what.

Apparently exposing the CIA’s anti-American operations is a “violation” of CIA-Google’s “terms of service.” Knocked down in less than 12 hours! Another copy is HERE for now:

Find the link below the above copy that was scrubbed by CIA-Google’s Youtube.

Attempts to even post the link to this video into Facebook results in a “failure to post” attack from Zuckerberg.
Agenda: Grinding Down America
The usual upbeat Mark Dice isn’t in this one… he knows how serious things are getting, and for the first time in history, sharing a Mark Dice video resulted in a “violation of community standards” strike where it was posted on Soros Riot page (facebook.) More details here: FB Communist Standards Marks Dice Video as Violation

Please bookmark this page and return as new must-watch videos will be added, and any that are taken down by CIA-Google run Youtube will be reposted via alternative link or backup

CENSORED VIDEO: Mark My Words – From Riots to Renaissance has been taken down by Youtube. This is a mirrored copy that they haven’t noticed yet. Some of the conclusions might be deemed controversial, but some excellent points are made the all must factor into our decisions concerning the future of our country, Western Civilization and humanity.

Paul Joseph Watson connects the ugly history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the extremely similar methods and attitudes of the Resistance bowel movement, aka “The American CCP.”

America’s Resistance bowel movement (BLM ANTIFA) is the American CCP.

General McInerney’s Testimony has already been removed by YouTube by CIA-Google. Watch it while you can.

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BONUS: Non-essential Videos follow:

A tribute to the BLM in a rap themed rendition by Marxist Pope – Lives Matter
This one is too much fun not to share and just got SCRUBBED from FACEBOOK. (our own copy shared below) More details about this amazing art here:Soros Riot the Musical

When “intersectionality” goes terribly wrong!

How 5G’s “Internet of Things” Trades Human Health for a Technocratic Tyranny that Defies Orwell’s Imagination

April 17, 2020
Updated April 20, 2020
ODP Staff

This kind of content is being actively suppressed by Social Media accomplices to the conspiracy to sicken and control all of humanity.

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On California Living With and Through the Covid19 Pandemic

March 15, 2020
League of Men Voters

Today the phone ran at 11am. It was my elder brother inviting me and my family to join them at a bar and restaurant “The Mountain House,” for a 2pm lunch. His wife, grabbed the phone and said she was eager to get out of the house and away from all the “doom and gloom” on the TV, and my brother added, “I kind of like it!” with a chuckle.

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Debunking the Trump Derangement Syndrome Meme

January 25, 2020
Updated February 26, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

The lefties that complain whenever they encounter a meme that shatters their delusions will sometimes deploy some of their own propaganda memes to promote the deeply flawed thinking and gross misconceptions that characterize the leftist mindset.

This from a man who just proclaimed that he voted for Trump, but later decided the President he elected “lies” and tells “half truths” too often. The example he cited was “Inaugural crowd size!”

The style of leftist propaganda featured above showcases the machine gun method, where multiple shots are fired in all directions at once. This style of meme discourages many for responding since it can be hard to know how to begin with so many lies and misleading statements delivered in bulk.

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Dr. Epstein Warned of “Accident” Before Wife’s Fatal Crash

Occupy Democrats Parody
January 20, 2020

The heart broken Dr. Epstein, the whistle blower that testified before Congress about Google’s role in big tech election meddling which he claims tossed a minimum of 3 million votes towards Hillary was warned of “an accident” before the loaded tractor trailer killed his beloved wife.

Dr. Epstein’s courageous testimony to Congress that was offered in defiance of “warning” of an “accident.”
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Swalwell Announces Run for Presidency on LateNight

April 9, 2019
Updated January 3, 2021
ODP Staff

A former Dublin, California assemblyman Eric Swalwell had once maintained a reputation as a sensible moderate. In his first bid for Congress, he made precious little mention that he was running as a Democrat.

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Flag Arson vs. American Freedom

November 15, 2018
Updated July 17, 2020
ODP Staff

A wide variety of Americans defend the anti-American Left’s favorite pastime of burning the American Flag on our soil to make a “political statement.”  Many whom find the action abhorrent will rationalize it as “a right” that many good men sacrificed all to defend before being returned under a flag draped over their own casket!

On the surface this might seem just an expression of mild irony combined with nobility of “tolerance.”  But a more informed and logical analysis says otherwise.

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No Nukes is Good Nukes, Why You Should Kill your Microwave

Occupy Democrats Parody
May 17, 2018

Many years ago I had heard from a friend that his wife never ever cooked with a microwave.  I was a bit puzzled by what seemed an arbitrary, and awfully inconvenient commitment to avoid what I was first inclined to dismiss as an imaginary health threat.

Much later when SmartMeters were introduced, a concerned family member had purchased some equipment that takes readings on environmental non-ionizing radiation.  Before given opportunity to borrow $800 or so worth of equipment, I had noticed that mom-in-law had begun favoring our own microwave oven as a convenient alternative to more conventional rice cooking methods.

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