The Commie Brain: How the Brainwashed Scapegoat Any and All of the Crises They Create by Blaming “Capitalism.”

May 20, 2022

The very word “capitalism” carries a rather broad meaning, and can describe anything from the natural human condition where free men and women make trades and potentially leverage the fruit of their own labor, along with any process or assets that help them build a life that’s more efficient and livable. Put in simple terms, a man who assembles a carriage, or who trades for such an asset with other labors, is then equipped to trade a service of mobility for other services or goods, including those which might, in turn prove helpful in making more efficient offers to neighbors that will in turn yield more appealing trades. It’s also ultimately possible to then trade the carriage itself for some other asset that might either enable offer of other services, or to help fund a retirement to allow more time to enjoy spend with grandchildren.

Whereas, in common use “Capitalism” implies free trades and thus freedom, the same word, “Capitalism,” can also describe the big pot of tyranny of “State Capitalism” or “Soviet Capitalism” that that invariably is delivered at the end of each and every Communist revolution rainbow.

The point of distinction between a Free Market, often described simply as “capitalism,” and the centrally controlled “State Capitalism, ” economy enabled by Marxists is lost on most, and so “Capitalist” and “Capitalism” are treated as an word to simply imply “not Socialist” or “not Communist.”

The, often intentional, failure in distinguishing “Free Market” or simply “capitalism” with the evil of “State Capitalism” proves useful to the Communist who sees an opportunity to scapegoat the destructive aspects of the latter, by blaming what is otherwise nearly synonymous with “Freedom.”

This 1934 cartoon shows that “blame the capitalists” for Communism is both a very old game, and one that’s been adequately overt to be recognized by the larger population.

In the death spiral of any democratic society that’s been toppled by whatever combination of vote fraud and menticide (killing of the mind,) the best indoctrinated of Commies will be all too eager to place blame of they very destruction they helped arrange, on “capitalism.” However clever their self indulgent and malicious game of gaslighting, it’s certainly not reflective of any fresh and new revelations of the Marxist brain.

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Leftist Arguments: “Why Are You On Social Media if You Don’t Like Censorship?”

May 8, 2022

Gaslighting is a favorite pastie of the leftist. Most sane and rational participants in the new public square have heard every form of it when it comes to the censorship craved by and essential to the leftist ideologues that receive special privileges on all the government connected corporate monopolies to amplify the hateful, anti-capitalist and anti-human messages that are favored by the global elite.

Among the samples of this gaslighting is the disingenuous “Why are you here if you don’t like it?” This carries a special irony when deployed by the same group from which their many of their top ideological leaders “threatened” self deportation to Canada and Europe for not getting their way in an election.

The “why are you here?” club is almost understandable when taking into account their own disingenuous threats to leave whenever things don’t go their way.

Feeling inspired by the challenge of dismantling the left’s favorite games of deception, a response was prepared as follows to the bogus “why are you even here?” question.

I use the internet to maximum potential for a similar reason as my use of the #GlobalCabal partnered corporate monopolies like Comcast (for Internet access,) PG&E (for heating cooling, powering devices,) Amazon, (for convenient shopping, music, videos,) I do enjoy making and maintaining friends in the new public square.

I began leveraging the internet to perform my philanthropy of correcting lefties in 1995, which may be when or before you loaded first liberal diapers. My goal has ALWAYS been to teach what I believe I know, and more ideally to LEARN what I’d yet to discover.

I recognized the advantage of the emerging social media platforms from the very beginning and long before Google abandoned their “do no evil” core value statement. #Fashbook wasn’t my first home for public and private connectedness, and from 2007 (when I joined,) through the 2017, there was absolutely ZERO interference on any of my pages nor groups by the formation of the #SocialMediaTaliBAN.

Since then I’ve endured wildly fascistic actions from the European standards that were introduced by #Twitler and followed on #Fashbook to expand the vile oligarchs’ will to manipulate EVERY election and MOST every online conversation which were supplemented by DIRECT investments (such as the illegal $400 million of campaign contribution violations by #MotherZucker in the past “election,” and even the TREASON of intercepting communications by Twitler AND Fashbook from a sitting PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.

I’m certain your question is meant to be snide and disingenuous, but I don’t really see it logical to supplement all the suppression of my voice by the most vile of “globalist social networks,” with self imposed exile from the aforementioned corporate-government partnered web pages formerly known as “platforms.” To me that would seem analogous to protest time in solitary confinement with a blindfold, or wrongful incarceration by locking myself into a room the day after my release.

Would that seem logical to you? Do you believe the same goons that obliterated 80 thousand of my Tweets and robbed me of OVER TWO YEARS of access to my own FB pages, groups and even blocked me from REPLIES to Personal Messages would be “upset” or “taught a lesson,” by disabling my OWN accounts?

I could ask why a “aNti-CaPiTaLiSt” like you would use anything more advanced than sticks, stones and smoke signals, to demonstrate your version of “integrity,” or why the women around you fail to abstain to prove their disdain for “the patriarchy,” but I think you already know how foolish that would be and you already are.

Eric H

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World’s most influential Medical Journal questions Pandemic Policy, Vax Safety

The Most Revolutionary Act

Principia Scientific

Written by

In an April 13 2022 editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Covid-19 Boosters — Where from Here? Dr. Paul Offit MD starts with the obligatory praise for mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, but then abruptly switches to a very serious note of alarm about the continued use of boosters.

NEJM has been at the nexus of positive Covid-19 publishing. Its editorial board has the advantage of reviewing a broad sweep of Covid studies. The fact that they decided to publish a blunt warning is highly significant. The message for governments, medical professionals, and medical media commentators and explainers cannot be ignored or underestimated.

The editorial raises a number of questions:

“Unfortunately, studies did not stratify patients according to whether they had coexisting conditions. Therefore, it was unclear who among the younger age groups most benefited from an additional dose.”

In summary, boosters…

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PODCAST: Date with Destinee

April 12, 2022
Updated April 19, 2022

Eric Hanson Music is proud to present a brand new Podcast, “Date with Destinee” hosted by Eric Hanson and cohosted by “Tri-Valley Girl” Destinee Roy.

Episode 8 of April 26, 2022 Features Navy Seal And Super Sales Personality Art Boseman
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Violent Inflation Riots Begin

Coming here soon unless there’s a major regime change in D.C.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Violent Inflation Riots Begin

By Chris Martenson
Peak Prosperity

The inflation riots have begun. Peru and Sri Lanka both are experiencing violence as inflation spirals the prices of basic necessities higher and higher.

We’ve been here before, and recently. The Arab Spring was a period of social unrest and riots in 2010 and 2011 that was triggered, in part, by spiking food costs.

As Alfred Henry Lewis said in 1906, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”

But before pure anarchy comes, society experiences increasing unrest and the erosion of social bonds and niceties. That’s where we are now.

Food prices today are higher than they were in 2010, so the protests are not at all surprising. We can and should expect more of them.

Worse than that, however, is the prospect of actual famine and food shortages. I expect true famine to emerge by the end of…

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Matt Gaetz Introduces Resolution to Strip Security Clearances From Dozens of Intelligence Officials Who Falsely Labeled Hunter’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ as “Russian Disinformation”

There are too few good men in Congress, and those be celebrated as heroes.

The Most Revolutionary Act

NWO Report

Source: Julian Conradson

On Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a new House Resolution that would strip security clearances from dozens of federal intelligence officials who signed on to a letter declaring the infamous Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation” shortly after it emerged in the months leading up to the rigged 2020 election.

In October of 2020 – just days before the presidential election – 51 former intelligence officials signed and published a letter that baselessly decried the contents of Hunter’s ‘laptop from hell’ had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

These clowns were profiled by the NY Post last week, fittingly labeled as “The Spies Who Lie.”

Gaetz’s new “Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution” would target every single one of these former high-ranking officials, all of whom sold out their credibility in an effort to bury the contents of the…

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Survey: Fully vaccinated believe every lie about Russia and Ukraine, fully support wartime escalations

From sheep, to lab rats, to shotnazis, and ultimately to warmongers.

The Most Revolutionary Act

SURVEY: The fully vaccinated believe every lie about Russia and Ukraine, fully support wartime escalations

Dr Eddy Betterman

new survey by the Canadian national polling firm EKOS has found that the more “vaccine” injections a person gets for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the more likely he or she is to believe every word of corporate media propaganda about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Unvaccinated Canadians, EKOS found, are 12 times more likely than those who received three “doses” of a Fauci Flu shot to believe that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was justified. Almost nobody who is “fully vaccinated” supports Putin’s actions, the survey revealed.

A mere two percent of triple vaccinated Canadians said they support Putin’s attack compared to 26 percent of people who received no jabs. This, says EKOS president Frank Graves, shows that vaccination status is a strong predictor of one’s views on the war.

From the seizing of property from Russian oligarchs to providing non-military aid to Ukraine, the fully…

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A Few Last Words About “Deep State” From a Well Known Man They Apparently Murdered

February 22, 2022

John McAfee built an empire on computer security, so it would only make sense that he’d have “the goods” on some of the more prominent criminals in the business of government.

Like most men who build a life with their own hands and are too affluent to be owned, McAfee was known for direct, clear, honest language that set him apart from any other tech guru, billionaire, and he took Trump’s “tell it like it is” style to a next level.

McAfee made it very clear that he wasn’t at all “depressed” and was being “treated well” while illegally held hostage by the criminals that run puppet governments around the world and comprise or collude with the “deep state” here in America.

Shortly after his death, an apartment complex in Florida had a structural failure and collapsed which, per rumors, took out his son and any data release mechanism meant to be triggered upon John’s untimely passing.

Whether you’re among those brainwashed by MK Ultra media and their hit piece “documentaries” about how “crazy” he was, he certainly offered some essential wisdom (as demonstrated in the above clip) before the threat of him was finally “mitigated” by yet another, apparent, deep state murder.

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How Billions in COVID Stimulus Funds Led Hospitals to Prioritize ‘Treatments’ That Killed, Rather Than Cured, Patients

The Most Revolutionary Act

By  Children’s Health Defense Team

In the second half of an interview this month on Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire” — “COVID-19: Following the Money” — policy analyst A.J. DePriest reported on the impact of billions in COVID stimulus funds, which, according to some doctors and lawyers, turned hospitals and medical staff into “bounty hunters,” and COVID patients into “virtual prisoners.”

As reported last week by The Defender, federal monies from the 2020 and 2021 COVID stimulus bills dramatically reshaped K-12 educational priorities, turning American school officials into lackeys for federal agencies more intent on masking and vaccinating every last child than on supporting meaningful education.

So, too, with the stimulus-induced reshaping of hospital priorities.

In the second half of a January interview on Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire” — “COVID-19: Following the Money” — policy analyst A.J. DePriest reported on the untoward consequences set into motion as a result…

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