Another Path to a Smooth Transition to a Second Trump Term

December 15, 2020

This was discovered and found to be an interesting and pleasing possibility. The text that follows is copied and pasted from a third party post.

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Social Media Taliban Promotes Wild Lies as “Fact Checking”

December 15, 2020

We recently shared a presentation of facts concerning alternate electors chosen by a Constitutionally sound legislative process to apply vote of conscience for Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia (and later Arizona per some reports.)

Dr. Turley shares the amazing development while NYTimes draws from a lone Marxist Professor to declare the legal, fully Constitutional act by legislators to choose alternate Electors as “illegitimate.”

Next the pages and groups where the above video was shared is hit by the Social Media Taliban.

Unlike the usual “missing context” or “partially false” approach, this fact was deemed so inconvenient to the Liars of the Left they went full out “FALSE” accompanied with “no basis in fact” which basically contradicts their own NYTimes propaganda put to print in a feeble effort of “damage control.”
Here the NY Times acknowledged the alternate electors, but made no mention of Nevada, Pennsylvania nor Georgia and focused in on Michigan where the vote fraud accomplice Governor Whitmer used police to BLOCK the legitimate electors picked legally by the LEGISLATURE. They add some inane comments by a Marxist Professor in Irvine to claim a “customary procedure” of letting the “party whose candidate won the State popular vote” choose the electors instead of the legislature (as provided by the Constitution.)
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First Music Video to “Violate” CIA-Google’s New YouTube TOS?

December 12, 2020

The vile censors and election meddlers that control nearly every corner of Social Media have resolved to ensure there are no doubters on their personal webpage formerly known as “platform.” This will ensure that any of the Republicans, Independents, nor even the 30% of Democrats that believe the presumed incoming Harris-Biden-CCP administration to be the outcome of a stolen election keep such doubts to themselves.

While many, like the great Mark Dice, Dr. Steve Turley and others are busy with clever language to obscure their own obvious contempt for the rampant and systemic Democrat Vote Fraud that plagued our last “election,” others have taken a more defiant approach.

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Profiting from the Presidency

December 10, 2020
Updated October 15, 2021

The left are expert manipulators, and the exploit the weaker minds to project their own lust for power and profit onto the man who had already built a life of privilege, fame, and sacrificed a billion to give something back to the country he genuinely loved.

In addition to massive financial sacrifice to give something back, he’s possibly the first President to refuse even the modest Presidential salary, and also shows restraint in the vulgar opulence flaunted by the prior administration that was quite new to money.
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CIA-Google to Enforce “Accepting Results” With New YouTube TOS

December 10, 2020

Social Media Moguls stun many with a new edict that declares any “failure” of “accepting results” as a “violation” of new Terms Of Service that pledge to scrub any and all content that questions the legitimacy of what they clearly expect to be a Harris and Biden Presidency.

Mark Dice offers what could be a final farewell. Although he’s aware that every next upload could be a last, he remains resolved to carry on until he’s forced out by the fascists running CIA-Google controlled Youtube which we shall, henceforth address as FUTube.
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Rigging 2020: Answering the Left’s Disingenuous “Where’s the Evidence?” Question

December 9, 2020
Updated January 7, 2020

The left are programmed to deploy one of two rather opposite talking points to avoid or control any discussion concerning a real or imagined crime. In the case of the latter, demands for more “investigation,” are defended with statements framed as a question, like “what are you hiding?” “If nothing wrong was done, shouldn’t you welcome more investigation?”

In contrast, any investigation that looks into crimes by their own party are treated as toxic, and even “illegal election interference.”

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MAGA World: Our Best Allies are Depending on US to Stop the Steal!

December 8, 2020
Updated June 8, 2021

While the shameful and lying left routinely indulge their narcissistic leanings to declare “the world” against Trump and his noble battles of waging peace through strength, there are very good allies around the world that side against the global elite.

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Twitter Suppressing the News that Matters…

December 8, 2020

Our great buddy Jackolf Twitler (as we call him based on reputation,) prevents posts to any links from numerous websites including,, and most recently the brand new that provides essential updates on the most important court challenge of our lifetimes.

Be sure to share this page to let people know and then they can click and bookmark the link provided above.

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As Fast as Evidence of Vote Fraud Comes In, It is Suppressed by Press and Censored by Social Media

December 2, 2020

It’s obviously no surprise that an important speech by the President of the United States has been snubbed by all of the Democrat Media Complex “news” carriers.

The President needs to rely on individuals to share his important message that the Lying MKUltra Mockingbird Media will “cover” only with their own sneer and ridicule of his statement of resolve to save our Republic.

And obviously it is no surprise that the Social Media monopolies will do their part to censor anything inconvenient to their ongoing efforts to ensure that the past “election” remains “rigged” to their preference for what’s becoming increasingly clear as a “Third Obama Term.”

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Pleasing Election Rumors: Biden to Concede for Pardon

November 30, 2020

Mike Adams, the highly censored personality behind Natural News, makes a bold claim. Typically we seek out optimistic 2020 election coverage from Dr. Steve Turley and others, but if this, perhaps overly optimistic report proves true, we’ll all be in for either a very Merry Christmas or an ridiculously Happy New Year.

Again, if true, we will, in addition to other big expressions of gratefulness, pledge to offer all future writings of of the Doctor of the Red Pill, Mike Adams with greater interest.

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